Professionalism, expertise and experience

This service is addressed to those who wish to relocate corporations and businesses as part of their overall, personal affairs. Our purpose will be to provide the necessary support for each step of the relocation, including administrative matters, permits and regulations, the identification of offices and staff, jointly with the best qualified professionals for each sector. We can also assist with the promotion, development and expansion of your business both in Switzerland and abroad.

The setting up of all types of companies in Switzerland and abroad in collaboration with the most appropriate partners. All administrative work. Organasing a search for managers and executives for companies being newly established.
Transfer, merger, division and organization of existing companies in collaboration with the most qualified local and international partners and specialists.
Tax planning and fiscal consultancy in collaboration with the best tax specialists. Preparation of tax returns. Simulations of taxes liabilities. Negotiation of tax or liabilities agreements with the competent authorities in order to obtain the optimum level of personal taxation.
In cooperation with the best and most suitable Swiss and foreign banks, we offer our support for the opening of each type of banking relationship. We help you with due diligence and the collection of documents to be submitted.
In cooperation with the most qualified lawyers and notaries we can offer all types of legal and notary advice in the context of relocation to Switzerland. We collaborate with lawyers in almost all fields of law, including company law and the representation of companies to the authorities, contract law and procedural law.
We work with the highest quality Swiss and foreign asset management and can assist you with financial planning and investment advice.
Searches for offices, warehouses and factories in collaboration with the best local real estate agents, with whom we cooperate. We actively engage in searches for the purchase of real estate and the development of construction and real estate projects.
We can assist you in the following languages:
  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
We can assist you in all kinds of administrative work, including the payment of invoices and the completion of forms.